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  • Last river perch

    The LMAB Finesse Filet Craw is a model which starts its swimming action on slowest retrieve due to the ultra thin base of the claws combined with a chunky boot on the end of the pincers. This makes it ideal for Finesse rigs and light weights.

  • Catching Wrasse On Lures

    Affectionately known as 'Rock Pigs', these powerful crab munchers are one of the most popular UK sea The majority of ballan wrasse are caught by casual anglers on heavy rods with ragworm or crab as bait The wrasse will chase and attack your lure as it crawls and jumps along the margins. I had been looking forward to testing the LMAB Finesse Filet Craw on a wrasse. The ultra thin claws on these soft plastics have a brilliant flutter in the water, I had no doubt this


    Even though rare in these waters, Rob managed to hook a fat little Jack on a LMAB Finesse filet in 11cm

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