The LMAB social media challenge! Catch a fish on all 6 lure colours, upload them on Insta or Facebook and get a chance to win amazing prizes! 


  • 28 Soft lures
  • 14 Top selling LMAB colours
  • 14 Customised Catch Casino colours (only available in this box)
  • Customised box in Gun-Smoke-Design with red and silver glitter elements

LMAB Catch Casino Perch Box

£49.90 Regular Price
£29.90Sale Price
  • This is how you enter the Catch Casino challenge!

    1. Order a Catch casino Perch box from Streetfishing London
    2. Once you have received the Catch Casino Perch box, you have to catch a fish with every of the 6 lure colours included and post a picture of the catch on Facebook or Instagram with the Hashtags #LMAB and #CatchCasino.
    3. Important: The lure needs to be visible on the picture! In case the fish inhaled the lure deeply or it fell off in the landing process, you do not have to position the lure back into the fishes mouth, presenting it on the mat or in your hand is enough although it obviously will have to be rigged / connected to a leader.
    4. LMAB will be exercising the right to not account for unesthetic catch pictures of dead, overly dirty or bloody fish as well as anglers with cigarettes in their mouth.
    5. The species and size does NOT matter at all in this challenge, LMAB decided to make this event as accessible as possible to everyone, independent of how expensive your tackle is, which waters are near you etc. Meaning: even though you have purchased the Perch box, your six fish could be 5 chub and 1 pike, 6 perch, 2 zander and 4 trout and so on. Even exotic species from your holidays count!
    6. After you have uploaded at least a catch pic for each colour, you will have to fill out the sticker on the back of the box (see pictures for info). Important here is that the Facebook or Instagram account name is easily readable plus that you have added a date to every lure colour! Please use the date of the upload not the date of the catch!
    7. After you have filled out the 6 dates plus your account name on the sticker, you will have to send a picture of the sticker to If your sticker has come loose or the dates are not readable anymore you can just put all the info (6 dates / account name) into the email instead.

    The challenge ends on the 30th June 2020 Good Luck!!!