Streetfishing London is presenting the 11cm @lmab #KØFI 'Bleak' (Pintail)!
This ultra versatile soft lure is DEFINITELY another banger from the LMAB boys, it was sold out in Germany for ages due to highest demand but is now back available and finally SFL has brought it to the UK 🤟.
This bait really is a multi talent; fished on a Cheburashka, Texas, Carolina or Drop Shot rig for slow to medium presentation when the preds are slightly more lazy OR rigged on a Jig Head for fast and irratic movements during the warmer months, when - especially the Spikeys - love a darting action on their prey, bite reflexes are going to get triggered without merci!

For a weedless presentation we recommend three models from our Gurza Hook range:

Gurza "Super Lock XP" 1/0 for when you a