There is many Tail Spinners on the market. The Jigmaster series from SpinMad raises the bar in all aspects, especially decors, craftmanship and effectiveness.


Main difference to the “Original Series”, the “Jigmasters” are built with a much lighter material which makes them larger in size compared to weight, slower sinking and again very versatile for all type of depths! The “Jigmasters” are equipped with a sharp and strong VMC treble rather than a double hook.


With a weight of 8g and a length of 34mm this lure basically gives you a catch guaranty 😉

Its the perfect Perch and Chub lure but also larger trout and some aggressive Pike will thankfully attack this beauty!


The SpinMad „Jigmaster“ convinces with its high quality components. The large eye on the lure works as an aggression point for the predator to target when attacking the lure. The blade is hammered, which means the light gets reflected in many different directions for the fish to notice.


The retrieve options of Tail Spinners couldn’t be more versatile. Hectic presentation or monotonous reeling, it all depends on the day. One thing is for sure: the lateral organ of the fish will find these little buggers! The “Jigmaster” series can be jerked as well, making the lure swerve left and right in the manner of a jerkbait.


Lure weight: 8g

Lure length: body = 3.5cm / incl. blade = 6.5cm

Pieces per pack: 1


8g SpinMad "Jigmaster"

  • The Jigmaster family of tail spinners consists of three models
    available in 8g, 12g and 24g.

    When designing the series, we made every effort to obtain versatile lures that work in all conditions, on all waters, the main purpose of which is fishing for specimen predators.

    The design of Jigmaster lures enables effective fishing in shallows and fisheries with variable depths. Thanks to the lures high sensitivity to rod movement, you will feel that these are the number one lures for technically difficult fisheries and places