SpinMad product informations:


Tail Spinners from SpinMad are highly efficient lures also on the tough days. This is due to the combination of great design, high quality components and first-class craftsmanship


4g BIG Detail:

Weighing in at only 4g and measuring 15mm, the “BIG” is and an absolute featherweight in the world of Tail Spinners. Using the high vibrations of its spinning blade, it still attracts fish like the big boys! An absolute must have for your Perch, Trout and Chub fishing!


Pure performance:

The SpinMad “BIG” convinces with its all-around high-quality components. The strong VMC double hook can deal with large predators and is razor sharp! The Colour patterns have been developed over decades and are popular in the professional angling scene all around Europe. The excellent swivel makes sure the Colorado blade turns freely and fast right when the lure hits the surface. Even on the slowest retrieves, the tail does not stop spinning.


Flexibility in Presentation:

Spin Tail lures can be retrieved / presented very differently, all depths can be fished with adjusting the sinking time of the lure after your cast.

One of the most effective presentations is the “distressed” way of retrieving the bait. Upon retrieving the lure you twitch / jig the lure upwards which makes it dance in the water which adds to the visual stimulus of the fish on top of the heavy vibrations.


Lure weight: 4g

Lure length: body = 1.5cm / incl. blade = 4.5cm

Pieces per pack: 1

4g SpinMad Originals "BIG"

  • The Originals series consists of tail spinners, made of heavy
    metal alloy, which have been in SPINMAD’s offer for over 10
    years. We present five models in different size, weight and
    The effectiveness of Originals lures results from their excellent work, strong vibration
    of the body and strong light reflections of the rotating wing. This group of
    lures consist of five models from 4 to 35 g.

    Each of them works well during uniform retrieve, but the biggest advantages of these lures can be seen during jigging.

    Tail Spinners generate a well-perceptible vibration and, like blade baits,
    have an extraordinary casting range, not attainable for other lures of similar weight.
    All the models in this category, like the other SPINMAD lures, are handmade
    and hand-painted. We put impact on every smallest detail.