The Division Rebel Tackle "Fink" is a revolutionary Crayfish imitation with a completely different movement pattern compared to all other Craws! Being rigged forward, this bait imitates the advancing movement of a Crayfish with the focus being the large tail rather than claws. This extreme difference will play a huge role in waters with smart and pressured fish, especially large specimen should be less cautious with this unknown technique. Rigging wise, we recommend an Extra Wide Gape offset hook (see our options below), which can then be mounted as a Texas, Carolina, Cheburashka, Jika Rig or used weightlessly in shallower areas (feel free to insert a nail weight for a little extra stability).

Jigheads (Skirted or not) will work perfectly as well on this bait!

3.7" DRT Fink

  • Lure Length = 3.7" / 9.3cm

    Lure Weight = 9g

    Scent = Sweet Crayfish

    Country of manufacture = Japan

    Target = Perch, Zander, Pike, Wrasse, Bass

    Pieces per pack = 5