Monkey Lures "Baby Lui 3.5 cm


    The Monkey Lures Family is growing again!


    The tiny 3.5cm 'Baby Lui' is expanding the portfolio and will be the first real UL bait in the ML range.

    Monkey Lures designed this lure with extra iffy predators in mind, the small size of the bait will increase bites in phases, where the Perch, Chub or other species only fancy a snack on the go!

    The design includes a more bulky body, a thin tail root and a large paddle tail to emit maximum vibrations and pressure waves! The signature ripped body enhances these effects and will make this bait irresistible, even for cautious predators. This soft lure will be perfect for days when they bite carefully or not at all. SFL recommends to fish this lure on a straight Jig Head, Cheburashka or Texas rig. (See our hook and jig head pairing below)

    3.5cm Monkey Lures 'Baby Lui'

    • Facts

      • Perfect fry imitation
      • Ten popular colour patterns
      • Small lure with larger silhuette
      • Large paddle tail for maximum vibration
      • 12 pieces per pack
      • Length: 3.5cm / 1.3" 
    • Gurza Sport MH-14 / #6 (For Cheburashka and Texas Tig)

      Major Craft Jigpara Jigheads (all styles)